Kamil story of seasons gifts for raeger

I always give him seaweed and ive been doing that, and now ive seen all his flower events, and hes at a red flower now. Story of seasons watching flower arrangement kamils white flower. Introduction so its time to bribe everyones love and become the most popular person in town again. Herb tea, spring herb tea, summer herb tea, fall herb tea, and earl grey tea. Raeger story of seasons bookmarks archive of our own. Seaweed is for sale at the silk country vendor for 270 g each starting. Alternatively, you can trigger a reverse ring exchange if you have the ring in your bag and you have given the person at least 100 gifts and you have 25000 or more friendship points with that person. Raeger is a serious chef who inherited the restaurant in oak tree town from his grandfather who passed away a little while ago. I gave him one each day and by winter year 1 i got to red. Story of seasons character gift preferences 3ds by laokia. But with so many villagers, it can be quite difficult and expensive to win the.

Story of seasons seems to have a mixture of features from both games. The easiest loved gift to give to raeger is seaweed and yellow pearl. The spring and summer herb tea recipes can be purchased from rose country starting in fall of year 1, and earl grey tea recipe is available starting in spring of year 2. See the list of raegers preferred clothing and accessories. The simple ceremony will result in a pregnancy 30 days after the wedding the super ceremony. The easiestmost favourite gifts for everyone story.

Unlike his appearance in the tale of two towns, he does not have a flower indicator for flower levels. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. You have seen raegers white flower event and raegers purple flower event. To share more experience with others, he is journeying in search of flowers from around the world. Story of seasons pregnancy event with raeger youtube. A question for anyone who married raeger, klaus, kamil, or. Birthdays giving a gift on someones birthday will multiply x3 the amount of friendship points you earn. You have given raeger at least 100 gifts all gifts count, even ones that he hates it is not a festival day. For story of seasons on the 3ds, a gamefaqs message board topic titled what does raeger like for gifts. Story of seasons raeger living together after wedding duration. The easiestmost favourite gifts for everyone story of seasons. Hardly decide between raeger, mistel and kamil \ all dates in pst time.

There are actually several ways to get bonus friendship points with the characters in story of seasons. Story of seasons character gift preferences 3ds by. This recipe is obtained from raeger after you eat at his restaurant 94 times. He is a flower artist who came to oak town from bluebell because he heard that there were various flowers in the area. Story of seasons watching flower arrangement kamils white. See the list of kamils preferred clothing and accessories. See more ideas about harvest moon, harvest moon game and seasons. The type of marriage ceremony you selected will determine when your pregnancy event will happen. Since a lot of the villagers like the same item, it makes your gift collecting goals. Youll have to estimate based on what gifts youve given, how often. If kamil is at blue flower or it just turned green, you can give him his horror gift of chocolate cake 800 fp to drop his fp a bit.

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