M38 swedish mauser cracked stock

It had a dark, pitted bore but still shot accurately. Swedish mauser m38 m9638 short rifle stock rifle stocks. Is it possible to inlet a mauser stock to fit a swede m38 action and barrel. The rifle would remain basically unchanged until 1938, when a new shorter model would be. The butchers at fedex broke the stock in two during shipping, despite my careful packaging job. Pictures are self explanatory, however, this is what it is. Cutting the stock down isnt hard if you are careful. New to me m9638 i got a swedish m96, is this stock walnut. I cant read the brass disc in the stock, but the seller states that the bore disc is marked 6. Details about swedish mauser m96 m38 stock front band bayonet stud swede rifle 6. Never shot a milsurp before part 4 enfield no 4 vs swedish m38 vs german k98k vs swiss k31 duration. Always inspect for a small crack in the stock at the rear of the receiver tang.

So while an m96 might fit in the carbine stock, the carbine may not fit in the m96 stock without some inletting of the barrel channel. The m1894 carbine is still used today by the royal guards at stockholm palace. Discussion in mausers started by captn mil coll, apr, 2008. This stock and handguard are for the m38 short swedish mauser rifle. Sweden eventually replaced the swedish mauser with the shorter barrel version 7 inches shorter called the m38 when in 1938 the new shorter swedish mauser rifle was being produced. You can find both new and used rifle stocks and forend parts for mauser guns on ebay. Bolt rife 8x57 cracked stock 93turk bolt rife 8x57 cracked stock 93 turk. It is interesting in that the wrist of the stock indicates it was refinished and rebarreled 4 times and refinished an additional two times, without rebarreling. Swedish steel is a term for the steel used by the swedish and mauser manufacturing facilities to make the m96 rifles. Id like something more original but it seems that finding another m24 stock is impossible.

Hello, please enjoy this latest video on my swedish mauser 6. Boyds offers large ring mauser actions for the 98k, vz24, and turkish mausers as well as small ring mauser stocks for the other models made before 1898. The old mauser looks perfectly at home on the range in its prairie hunter stock. Swedish mauser floor plate catch, m38, m94 and m96, very good.

The stock is beautiful and it matches the receiver. Rhine group 315 sw maple st suite d 50023 ankeny iowa united states call us. Realize that most m38 not a swedish designation were originally the m 96 long rifles, and were cut down and had new rear sights installed to compensate for decreased sight radius and velocity drop due to shorter barrel. A special design was implemented for the 1891 argentino due to its unique characteristics. This is a scout mount goes on the rear sight of swedish m96. Find mauser 96 swedish rifle parts with numrich gun parts corp. One interesting note is each rifle comes with a brass disk fitted to the right side of the rifle stock. I had to modify the stock quite bit to get it to fit. Offered for sale from my personal military collection this 100% like new m38 6. M38 swedish mauser short rifle stock matching numbers.

If your gun has a new bolt welded on then i doubt it is m38. Stock and handguards are walnut with minimal dents and dings. I bought a swedish m94 that the stock has been sporterized. Aug 16, 2007 guys, im new here and have a question. I have it in a boyds m48 stock that i picked up cheap. Array no comments swedish mauser m96m38 bolt body, straight, new old stock, unnumbered. Swedish mausers are a family of boltaction rifles based on an improved variant of mausers. A mauser 98 wood stock is traditional for the weapon, whether the hardwood is cherry, maple, oak, birch, walnut, or poplar. Ive hunted with milsurps since childhood, but never sporterized one. Swedish mauser carbines, m94 and m9414 forgotten weapons.

The swedish mauser as it is affectionately called got its beginnings in 1896. Were americas leading rifle parts supplier and have a wide selection of parts, schematics and accessories. All swedish mausers, whether built in germany or sweden, were fabricated using a swedishsupplied high grade tool steel alloyed with nickel, copper, and. How to read the markings on the swedish m94 carbine and on the m96 and m38 rifles. Used previously issued and serialized front band bayonet stud for m96 andor m38 swedish mauser rifles. If you have a mauser rifle, then you might need a new rifle stock or forend part to keep it in optimum working condition. Mosin nagant carbine sling with leather collars, chinese, new finnish mosin nagant m2830 rifle handguard, nos pu scope cover, canvas, russian, good promag mosin nagant magazine, 10rd, 7. Rifle stock and forend parts for mauser for sale in stock ebay. Swedish mauser m38 m9638 short rifle stock swedish. These are the m94 model 1894 carbine, m96 model 1896 long rifle, m38 model 1938 short rifle and m41 model 1941 sniper rifle. The prairie hunter is a good looking stock, no doubt about it. I have a 7mm model 1910 mexican mauser full length that is an absolute joy to shoot. Mar 07, 2017 never shot a milsurp before part 4 enfield no 4 vs swedish m38 vs german k98k vs swiss k31 duration.

Known for their high quality workmanship and legendary accuracy. Swedish mauser cracked wrist if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. The one i have on this post is a carl gustafs 1918 mfg 1896 mauser. Mauser floorplate 4 milled steel m98 floor plate model 1898. These are the m 94 model 1894 carbine, m96 model 1896 long rifle, m38. Swedish mauser m96 m38 brass disk this auction is for an original ordinance brass disk installed on the right side of the rifles stock. Anyone ever try to unsporterize a m94 using a m96 or m38 stock and make it look kinda close. These are rifles the swedish military rebuilt using mostly carl gustafs m38 receivers with an updated match grade stock, better barrels and match grade peep sights, like soderin and elit diopters. Nos follower unissued swedish mauser swede rifle carbine m96 m38 cg63 fsr 6. Not 2447 the original stock cracked around the recoil lug screw. The first time this rifle was on the range in its new configuration, an old time shooter said such a pretty stock for such an old rifle. I am of the opinion that a swedish mauser action in good condition is a strong action, but it isnt designed to handle escaping gas as well as the post1898 large and small ring mauser actions. I had sold a m38 swedish mauser a couple weeks ago. Swedish m38 rear sight moves forward when shooting.

The disks are positioned upside down on the right side of the stock, because when the soldier who normally is a righthanded shooter, looks at the disk he will have the disk in the right position. The short rifle is a delight to carry, it just balances in yor carrying hand much. Just want to share my newly bought swedish mauser m38 with you. Well, im keeping the rifle but am in need of a stock. This offering is for 1 of our vintage swedish mauser m38 or m9638 short rifle stocks. I have a m38 and a m96 but have not shot any cast from them as of yet.

There are 15 available configurations for the 98 actiona dozen or so for the small ring and 8 for. Or are the action and barrel smaller than a mauser. The disk gives some insight as to the condition of the weapon. The swedish mauser was manufactured relatively unchanged from 1896 to 1943, and m96 rifle and m38 carbine rifles, known by collectors as swedish mausers, are often sought after by military service rifle shooters and hunters. But that would only tell you the condition of the rifle the last time it underwent an arsenal inspection, not what the condition is now. This rifle comes with the factory turned down bolt and is all matching.

You do not need a bent bolt when using this steel scout mount. Carl gustav m96 rifle, bayonet, 2 different bayonet frogs and swedish cartridge belt. Id like something more original but it seems that finding another m24. The wood of the stock is also in exc for sale by torbet on gunsamerica 977689264. Stock has a chunk of wood out near the grip on the left side of the rifle. The two swedish sniper rifles, the m41 and m41b, are both modified. Swedish mauser m96 m38 stock front band bayonet stud swede. Manufacturing the name of the manufacturer and the year of manufacture are on the top of the receiver. The level of bore erosion how much to adjust hold over for the new m41 bulletthe actual calibre of the bore usued but in excellent condition. Vintage mauser 98 lrg ring rifle sporter walnut stock.

The sling swivels are on the bottom of the stock just as on the m1896 rifle. Swedish mauser carbines, m94 and m9414 june 20, 2017 ian mccollum bolt action rifles, conversion, video 20 when sweden decided to replace its remington rolling block rifles with a more modern repeating rifle design, they tested models from mauser, mannlicher, lee, and krag. They seem to just be on the surface and im not sure if i should try to repair them or just leave them. I want to do a project with the kids to build a 7x57 mannlicher stocked hunting rifle. The vasteras rear sight is calibrated for the m38 length barrel. Advice needed on repairing cracked stock looking for a front sight finnish marked m96 blued bolts crown. These are very accurate when theyre well maintained and shooting good ammo. Im assuming the m94 action should fit into a m96 or m38 stock right. I recently received a beautiful swedish m1896 mauser with the sa stamp. The wood of the stock is also in excellent condition. I cut down a full length stock for an m38 project i did a few years ago where the original stock just fell apart from dry rot. Or are the action and barrel smaller than a mauser action and barrel. You can put a ler or pistol scope on this scout mount. Opinions on swedish 96 mauser as hunting rifle 24hourcampfire.

Swedish mauser m38 model 38 made in huskvarna vapenfabrik ab, sweden year 1943 caliber. Faq about swedish mauser m1896, m1938, carbine m1894. Various styles, grades, and configurations sold at different price points. This rifle is exceptionally accurate with swedish military ammo. Swedish mauser markings mississippi gun owners community. Swedish mausers are a family of boltactionrifles based on an improved variant of mausers earlier model 1893, but using the 6. Rifle stock and forend parts for mauser for sale in. Original turkish mauser m1938 parts in used condition. Swedish military firearms forum archive page 20 gunboards. The original stock cracked around the recoil lug screw.

A nonmatching swedish mauser is therefore to be viewed with caution as a possible homebrew example. They are the last ones available m96 swedish mauser 6. Accumount m38 scout or ier mount this m96 can shoot. Hello all, i have a chance to buy a 7x57 vz24 without any crest, and some other cracked mausers. I had an m38 as issued stock with scope many years ago, and it was an excellent hunting rifle. The serial number is on the left side of the receiver. Some may have minor cracked stocks due to age or may be missing stock.

K98 clamp bolt on tanker style muzzle brake triangular baffles for k98 mauser. These typically crack at the lower butt plate screw and will has a small glued dowel in place with spot finish. The m38 swedish mausers have net been readily available here in the states in several years. Can i use a m96 or m38 stock and make something work that way.

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