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Sign in with your temporary password to confirm your account. Support resources technical solution and howto articles for all webtrends products. See the webtrends analytics 10 documentation for information on how to view the heatmap overlays. Webtrends analytics for sharepoint was designed specifically to understand the. Documentation for webtrends products mobile sdks, sharepoint tag installer and administrator and analytics on premises upgradeinstall manuals.

The data extraction api enables you to retrieve webtrends analytics 9 and analytics 10 or analytics on premises profile and report data, and monitor key metrics for profiles. Webtrends analytics is your run of the mill web analytics software that is being used within our digital marketing dept. To learn more about cookies, including how to disable them, read our cookie policy. Although the documentation, help screens, phone support and the knowledge base. Contact support team log a service request or check a case status. Analytics 10 training designed for marketing professionals, this course will teach you how to turn data into action, the fundamentals of online analytics, and how webtrends analytics 10 works. We use cookies to recognize your repeat visits and preferences, as well as to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and analyze traffic. Webtrends analytics for sharepoint understands sharepoint and provides rich insights into site and subsite hierarchy, usernames, job titles, office location, and just about any other content type.

Then you are ready to start using webtrends analytics 10. Although the documentation, help screens, phone support and the. Requires an existing webtrends analytics 10 subscription. U krijgt ook mobiele sdks, wat betekent dat u speciale software. Use azure ad to enable user access to webtrends analytics 10. The ui is rudimentary 9 or visually overwhelming 10 without thinking about.

Webtrends is a web and mobile analytics and a website monitoring software that in depth realtime website reports, trends, traffic source analysis. Pros and cons of webtrends analytics 2020 trustradius. Webtrends analytics for sharepoint tracks and reports on use and. The app deploys the latest version of webtrends analytics tags to your sharepoint site. Campaign reports category website space content category website space. Analytics 10 help webtrends product documentation hub. Contact webtrends technical support to get access to this tool. The data extraction api conforms to the rest representational state transfer api architecture. Webtrends analytics setup, configuration and advanced reporting. Multiple space types to define what you want to measure. Webtrends analytics 10 offers several additional features beyond analytics 9 functionality, including. Making an investment in microsoft sharepoint can involve multiple teams and stakeholders, complex design, deployment and training, and the migration of thousands of critical assets into the platform. Webtrends was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in portland, oregon.

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